Cedar Fever Recipe

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Cedar Fever Recipe

Betty Branch’s Cedar Fever Recipe for Allergy Relief

Compliments of Bill Luedecke

If your doctor says it is all right for you to apply homeopathic solutions to relief from Cedar Fever, gather the berries from the female tree. You can collect, clean and freeze the berries now for future use. As the homeopathic relief calls for one half a cup of berries that will last one person approximately two weeks of relief, I am going to gather about two cups of berries. Warning: This may not be for everyone so consult with your doctor first. For those of us that it works for, we can hardly wait to gather the berries and let the relief begin.

Thanks to fellow former “Cedar Fever” sufferer Betty Branch we can enjoy the same relief. Now here is the recipe:

Place one-half cup of berries in a saucepan with one and half cups of water. Bring ingredients to a boil then remove from the stove, cover and let cool. Transfer the tea and the berries into a jar and place in the refrigerator.

By the way if you do not have enough berries on your place they are available at local health food stores or you stop and ask any rancher if they would mind if you harvested their berries. If you are new to Texas, we always ask permission first.

Each morning take one teaspoon of the tea. Presto, you will have no more allergies to Ashe Juniper for this season and after doing this annually at some time in the future you will eventually become immune. Warning: Please consult your physician before trying this homeopathic remedy, as some folks are highly allergic to Ashe Juniper. Thanks again Betty.