Butterfly Host Plants

Yantis Lakeside Gardens -

Living and Gardening in the Beautiful Texas Hill Country

Here are some of the plants that butterflies need to reproduce

Photos by Robert and Sheryl Yantis

Some Host Plants for our Butterflies

Red Admiral - Hops, nettle

Tiger Swallowtail - Willow, ash, dusty miller

Giant Swallowtail - Ash, all citrus

Cloudless Sulphur - Bougainvillea, pea family

Buckeye - Snapdragon, toadflax, ruellia

Queen & Monarch - Oleander, milkweed

Gulf Fritillary - Passion Vine

Black Swallowtail - Dill, Fennel, parsley

Pipevine Swallowtail - Pipevine