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Kingsland Garden Club
Celebrating 55 Years in the Highland Lakes Area 
The Kingsland Garden Club was organized in 1961 and is a member of the Texas and National Garden Clubs. We meet on the first Friday of each month from September to May. We have several programs during the year when we invite the public to join us for interesting and informative programs.
Kingsland Garden Club Officers:                            
President - Sheryl Yantis

Vice President - Susan Berglund Nye
2nd Vice President - Nancy Bardouche 
Secretary - Renee Case

                        Treasurer - Robert Yantis 
                  Past President - Diane Langley
Next meeting for members:
February 3, 2017
Next Public Program:
February 3, 2017
For more information about the Kingsland Garden Club or to be notified of our programs you can email us or call (325) 388-8849
2016- 2017 Public Programsat 1:30 pm at the Kingsland Library,
 125 W. Polk St.:
Programs will start at 1:30 p.m. Club meetings at 1:00 p.m.

September 9th, 2016 - "Growing Olive Trees in Central Texas" with Joshua Swafford of Central Texas Olive Ranch of Georgetown



An artichoke plant, which can spread into a silvery green fountain up 
to 6 feet across, makes a bold, handsome addition to any garden.  
Best of all, perhaps, this gem of a vegetable can be grown much more 
easily and in a wider range of climates than you expect.

The globe artichoke is a variety of a species of thistle cultivated as a 
food. The edible portion of the plant consists of the flower buds before 
the flowers come into bloom. The budding artichoke flower-head is a 
cluster of many budding small flowers together with many bracts, on 
an edible base. 

Friday, October 7th       Kingsland Library
Meeting: 1 P.M. Program: 1:30 p.m.

November 4 - Tour of Torr Na Lochs Winery - A truly Texas wine experience. 

7055 W State Hwy 29, Burnet, TX 78611

512-766-0555 or directions at bottom of main page

December 9 - Members luncheon

January 6 - "Living with Purple Martins" with Master Gardener Robert Yantis

January is the time to get ready for the wonderful purple martins.  Robert Yantis will be presenting a program on the first Friday in January on how to care for and attract purple martins when they arrive in February. Purple martins are one of the few birds that depend on people for nesting sites. He will discuss where to put your houses, how to protect your birds, what they eat and what you need to know to have a successful season. 

February 3 - "Butterflies in Your Backyard" with Master Gardener Sheryl Yantis

Everyone loves butterflies. If you want to know more about these beautiful additions to our yards, their life-cycle and how to attract them to your garden you will want to attend a new butterfly program presented by the Kingsland Garden Club. The “Butterflies in Your Backyard” program features many close up photographs taken by the speaker Sheryl Yantis and her husband in their butterfly gardens in Kingsland. Both Robert and Sheryl Yantis are Master Gardeners, Earth-kind Specialists and have been photographing butterflies for many years. Their butterfly gardens are a certified Monarch Waystation and attract a variety of butterflies. Learn interesting tidbits about butterflies, how to identify different butterflies in this area and enjoy the beautiful photographs in a free program on Friday, February 3rd at the Kingsland Branch Library, 125 W. Polk.  Meeting at 1:00, free public program at 1:30.  Advanced training credit for MG and MN.

March 3 - "Growing Tomatoes: From Germinating to Preserving" with Debbie Sapp - Program includes soil preparation, seed germination, hardening off, transplanting to the garden, maintenance and preserving.

April 1 - KGC Plant Sale at the Kingsland House of Arts and Crafts Spring Sale.

Club Members only events:

December - Christmas Luncheon at The Lighthouse Country Club Restaurant - 11:30 A.M.

May - May Tour and Luncheon

Kingsland Garden Club Activities
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Images from our May Garden Tour and Luncheon
Photos courtesy of Sue Kersey