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Monthly Garden Tips from Sheryl's Garden

Photographs by Robert and Sheryl Yantis     

July thru January is the best time to prune live oak and red oak trees and avoid oak wilt. Be sure to disinfect your tools before you start and each time you prune a different tree. This will make sure you do not spread oak wilt from an infected tree to a healthy one.   A nine parts water to one part bleach solution works well.

Do not plant any new trees or shrubs until the temperature cools down in the fall.  

All newly planted trees should be watered once a week for a minimum of one year after planting. Trees take several years to become established and are more vulnerable to drought during that time.

Keep you and your plants watered during the hot Texas summer. Even hardy lantana need some water during the hot dry Texas summer weather.

Be careful when you use insecticides on your plants. Some of those caterpillars you may be trying to kill may turn into butterflies. 

August is the time to keep cool, drink lots of liquids, and water your lawn and plants.  

July has been so hot this year that your trees can use a good drink. 

It’s a good time to look through your plant and seed catalogs and order your fall bulbs.

It is also a good time to plan and plant some of your fall garden vegetables in early August and enjoy all the Esperanza.

Look at the plants that bloom this summer and plant heat loving drought tolerant perennials this fall when it cools off. These plants will bring color to next year’s summer garden.

September is almost the end of summer. This Pride of Barbados has been blooming all summer and will continue flowering until the first freeze.
As soon as it starts to cool off, it is time to divide your daylilies and irises.
It is time to fertilize your roses for the last time this year.  The last two weeks of September and the first week of October is the best time to fertilize your lawn.
This is also the best time of the year to save seeds from your favorite plants to plant next spring.  Pick the ripe seeds and dry them on a paper towel.  When they are dry put the seeds in a jar or paper bag with the label showing what they are and when you picked them.  Remember that seeds from hybrid plants will not produce plants that look like their parents.

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