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Monthly Garden Tips from Sheryl's Garden

Photographs by Robert and Sheryl Yantis  
is the time to enjoy Indian Blanket and Engleman's Daisy and other wildflowers, start planting your garden and fertilize your lawn. 

As it warms up you want to plant your veggies and transplant any perennials before it gets too hot. The more established plants are before our hot Texas summer weather starts the better they will survive.
Pay special attention to spacing when planting and think about the mature size of the plant. Perennials grow considerably larger than annuals. 
Remember that the last average freeze date is usually early in April or when the Mesquite trees bud out. We will probably  not have another freeze this year.
Wait until after the second mowing to fertilize your lawn. Please do not use Weed and Feed products, they pollute our water and the atrazine in them can kill our trees. Remember that your tree roots go out at least 1½ times the drip line of the tree.

is warm and your 
Mexican Oregano should be in full bloom.  Mexican Oregano is a great plant that can grow in sunny spots.
It is time to plant you summer annuals such as Vinca and Zinnias and Cosmos.
It is also the time to finish planting your heat loving vegetables including okra, squash, peppers, and watermelon.
If you planted garlic or onions last winter keep an eye on them and pinch off any blossoms.  Pinching the blossoms will yield bigger bulbs and they will be ready to dig up when the tops start to turn brown.
It is starting to get hot so unless you take special care of them all summer, May is your last chance to plant roses, shrubs and perennials.
 Mulch, Mulch, Mulch.  Put about eight layers of black and white newspaper covered by a 3 inch layer of mulch on your garden to help your plants 

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