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Monthly Garden Tips from Sheryl's Garden

Photographs by Robert and Sheryl Yantis  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       April is the time to enjoy golden wave coreopsis and other wildflowers, start planting your garden and fertilize your lawn. As it warms up you want to plant your veggies and transplant any perennials before it gets too hot. The more established plants are before our hot Texas summer weather starts the better they will survive.
Pay special attention to spacing when planting and think about the mature size of the plant. Perennials grow considerably larger than annuals.
Remember that the last average freeze date is usually early in April or but most of the Mesquite trees have buds on them this year.
Wait until after the second mowing to fertilize your lawn. Please do not use Weed and Feed products, they pollute our water and the atrazine in them can kill our trees. Remember that your tree roots go out at least 1½ times 
the drip line of the tree.  

March is larkspur time. Spring is almost here and it’s time to plant hot weather and perennial herbs.
Prune your spring flowering shrubs after they bloom. 
Allow the leaves on your bulbs to yellow and die before you remove them.
Mulch and also use foliar fertilizer to feed your roses.
Divide your clumps of perennials about every two or three years or as they need it
Start fertilizing your plants, shrubs, and trees.  Cut back your ornamental grasses when new green shoots appear. 

March is also the best time to plant asparagus.  Do not start to harvest asparagus for at least two years. We all want to put our vegetable plants out but we can still have cold weather.

Spring is almost here but remember the last freeze may not be until early April or when the mesquite trees leaf out.

 enjoy your blooming trailing rosemary.
February is the best time to prune your peach trees as well as other fruit and nut trees. 

Prune your roses such around Valentine’s Day. Shrub roses need to be pruned only to shape them.

Do not prune your oak trees between February and June. Wait until July to prune your red oak family of trees (which include live oaks) to help prevent Oak Wilt.  

February is a good time to plant onion sets, hardy herbs, and fruit trees before the weather turns warm.
Spring is almost here so get your beds ready to plant in March. Prune any freeze damage off your perennials to prepare for new spring growth.     

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