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Monthly Garden Tips from Sheryl's Garden

Photographs by Robert and Sheryl Yantis  

October is usually the beginning of fall in Central Texas.  The Indigo Spires sage is still blooming as the temperature hopefully cools.  In October, when the Monarch Butterflies migrate to Mexico, they need nourishment and this sage provides them with nectar. 

After a long hot summer, early this month is the time to fertilize our lawns and plants.  About ½ to 1 inch of compost works great. 

Divide and replant your daylilies and irises this month and later in the month plant your spring bulbs. Late this month dig your caladium bulbs up and store them for the winter.
Mulch, mulch, mulch
Plant your garlic this month.  Deer don’t like the smell of garlic so plant some around your favorite plants and they probably won’t bother them.  For spring flowers, sow your wildflower seeds this month and in November. 

 Fall is one of the best times of the year to garden.

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