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Monthly Garden Tips from Sheryl's Garden

Photographs by Robert and Sheryl Yantis  
is one of the best times to enjoy your Fall Trees.

If you plant roses, perennials, shrubs and trees during November and December they will put out new roots and grow faster in the spring.
November and December is also one of the best times to sow wildflower seeds for flowers in the spring. 

Plant your pansies and other cool weather annuals this month.  

November thru December is the best time to plant trees in Texas.  Make sure you water them regularly until they are established. It takes at least one year for trees to become established.  Water trees once a month (after they are established) during the winter if it does not rain.

Enjoy your fall blooming plants until our first freeze. Usually our first freeze is this month, however some parts of the Hill country had a freeze October 31st. 

When we are warned about a freeze, water your plants the night before the freeze.
Enjoy your fall garden and have a Happy Thanksgiving.


December gardens are brightened by winter berries and evergreens.  After our first freeze has killed back the foliage on your perennial plants and vines, cut them back and mulch three to four inches deep over the roots and base of the plants to protect them from the cold until they come up again in the spring. 

Do not trim your evergreen plants, shrubs and trees until early spring, except for oak trees.

December is a good time, after the first killing frost, to transplant roses.  You can also still plant container grown roses this month.

This month is also one of the best times to plant trees.  

If you buy a living Christmas tree make sure to pick one that will flourish in central Texas.  Leyland cypress, Arizona cypress, Afghan pine, Virginia pine, and some arborvitae are good choices.  Avoid Deodar Cedar, Italian Stone Pine, Scotch pine, Colorado blue spruce, and all Fir trees.  For smaller trees you can prune potted rosemary for tabletop decorations.

We want to wish you a Happy Holiday Season. 

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