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Monthly Garden Tips from Sheryl's Garden

Photographs by Robert and Sheryl Yantis  

January started out cold this year but it is still an excellent time to plant fruit and nut trees. It is also time to spray the fruit trees you already have in the ground with dormant oil spray. Orange oil is great for this and is good for the environment.

Try to finish pruning your oak trees this month.

You can still plant your container roses. The best time to prune your roses is around Valentine’s Day.

Select and plant your onion sets, and start your spring flower and vegetable seeds indoors this month for transplanting later when it warms up. 

January is also the time to dig your new asparagus beds for planting in February.

Water your trees, shrubs and plants if it doesn’t rain.

On those cold dreary days read your garden and seed catalogs and plan this year’s landscape. It is also a good time to start a garden journal to help you remember what happened this year.

December gardens are brightened by winter berries and evergreens.  After our first freeze has killed back the foliage on your perennial plants and vines, cut them back and mulch three to four inches deep over the roots and base of the plants to protect them from the cold until they come up again in the spring. 

Do not trim your evergreen plants, shrubs and trees until early spring, except for oak trees.

December is a good time, after the first killing frost, to transplant roses.  You can also still plant container grown roses this month.

This month is also one of the best times to plant trees.  If you buy a living Christmas tree make sure to pick one that will flourish in central Texas.  Leyland cypress, Arizona cypress, Afghan pine, Virginia pine, and some arborvitae are good choices.  Avoid Deodar Cedar, Italian Stone Pine, Scotch pine, Colorado blue spruce, and all Fir trees.  For smaller trees you can prune potted rosemary for tabletop decorations.

We want to wish you a Happy Holiday Season. 

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