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Monthly Garden Tips from Sheryl's Garden

Photographs by Robert and Sheryl Yantis  
January started out very cold this year but it is still an excellent time to plant fruit and nut trees. It is also time to spray the fruit trees you already have in the ground with dormant oil spray. Orange oil is great for this and is good for the environment.

We can look forward to the first flowers of the year starting to bloom if the weather is not too cold.  
Try to finish pruning your oak trees this month.

You can still plant your container roses. The best time to prune your roses is around Valentine’s Day.

Select and plant your onion sets, and start your spring flower and vegetable seeds indoors this month for transplanting later when it warms up. 

January is also the time to dig your new asparagus beds for planting in February.

Water your trees, shrubs and plants if it doesn’t rain.

On those cold dreary days read your garden and seed catalogs and plan this year’s landscape. It is also a good time to start a garden journal to help you remember what happened this year

February: Enjoy your blooming trailing rosemary this month
February is the best time to prune your peach trees as well as other fruit and nut trees. 

Prune your roses such around Valentine’s Day. Shrub roses need to be pruned only to shape them.

Do not prune your oak trees between February and June. Wait until July to prune your red oak family of trees (which include live oaks) to help prevent Oak Wilt.  

February is a good time to plant onion sets, hardy herbs, and fruit trees before the weather turns warm. 

Spring is almost here so get your beds ready to plant in March. Prune any freeze damage off your perennials to prepare for new spring growth.
Water your trees, shrubs and plants if we do not have rain this month.

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