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Hill Country Butterflies

Yantis Lakeside Gardens -
Living and Gardening in the Beautiful Texas Hill Country

Hill Country Butterflies in Our Yard
Central Texas Butterflies
and their Plants
Here are pictures of butterflies that I have taken in my yard in Kingsland, Texas.
Scroll down for host plants and butterfly plants for the Hill Country.

All photos by Robert and Sheryl Yantis
Click on picture to see album

Host Plants                            See Pictures of some host plants
Red Admiral - Hops, nettle
Painted Lady - Dusty Miller
Tiger Swallowtail - Willow, ash, dusty miller
Giant Swallowtail - Ash, all citrus
Cloudless Sulphur - Bougainvillea, pea family
Buckeye - Snapdragon, toadflax, ruellia
Queen & Monarch - Oleander, milkweed
Gulf Fritillary - Passion Vine
Black Swallowtail - Dill, Fennel, parsley
Pipevine Swallowtail - Pipevine
Good plants to grow in the Hill Country to attract Butterflies



Crape Myrtle

Esperanza - Yellow Bells



Hummingbird Bush

Mexican Petunia


Turk's Cap


Mexican Butterfly Weed

Texas Gold Columbine

Purple Coneflower

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Pride of Barbados

Gregg's Mistflower

Mexican Bush Sage

Coral Vine


Salvia Coccinea - Tropical Sage




Mexican Flame Vine

Any other viable Hill Country plants that have flowers - they like red, yellow, blue, white, purple and orange