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Vegetable Planting Guide

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Vegetable Planting Guide
Vegetable Garden Planting Guide
(X) plant this month, (Number) is approximate from or to that date
This is for Austin - the Hill Country tends to be hotter and colder

Vegetables - Seeds unless noted

Artichoke (crowns) X X
Asparagus (crowns) X 10
Beans, Snap and Lima 20 X 15 20
Beets 15 X 20 X
Broccoli (transplants) 15 X X X
Brussel Sprouts (transplants) 15 X X X
Cabbage (transplants) 15 X X X
Chinese Cabbage (transplants) 15 X X X
Cantaloupe (muskmelon) X X X
Carrots 15 X X
Cauliflower (transplants) 15 X X X
Chard, Swiss 15 X X X 15 X
Collards (transplants) 15 X 10 X X
Corn X X 10 10
Cucumber 12 X X
Eggplant (transplants) 12 X 10 10
Garlic X X
Greens, Cool Season X X X 15 X X
Greens, Warm Season 15 X X X X X
Kale (transplants) 15 X X X X
Kolrabi (transplants) 15 X X X
Leeks (transplants) 15 15
Lettuce X X X X X X X
Mustard X X X 15
Okra X X X 15
Onion,bulbing (transplants,sets) 10 10
Onion, bunching X
Parsley 10 X 10 12 X
Peas, English, Snap and Snow 15 10 12-30
Peas, Southern X X X 15
Pepper (transplants) 15 X X 15
Potato, Irish 1-20 15-31
Potato, Sweet (slips) X X X
Pumpkin X X X
Radish X 10 X X X
Shallots X X X X X X
Spinach X X X 15 X X X
Squash, Summer 20 X X 15
Squash, Winter X X X
Tomatoes (transplants) 15 X 15 15
Turnip X X X 15
Watermelon X X X