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Texas Roses

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Texas Roses
Gardening with roses in the Texas Hill Country requires a little more thought than it would in other parts of the country. By using antique or heirloom varieties that are not as suseptable to disease and have retained the resilience and fortitude programmed by nature we can enjoy beautiful roses without spending many hours of devoted attention to spraying, fertilizing and nurturing them.
There are also modern roses such as the "Knockout" family of roses that have many of the characteristicts of old roses. Both Chamblee Rose Nursery and The Antique Rose Emporium sell and have also developed series of tough roses by breeding some of their old roses. "Earthkind" roses have undergone extensive statewide field testing and must be drought tolerant, disease resistant as well as have beautiful flowers.
If you are interested in attracting wildlife to your landscape, roses make a great addition. They provide food and shelter for many birds, and butterflies. Deer love roses, so planting gardens with roses in them rather than just a garden of roses can be more interesting and dynamic and less attractive to deer. A garden with roses should contain perennials, herbs and annuals so that the garden evolves and changes with the seasons.
Sheryl's Roses
Photos by Robert and Sheryl Yantis
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