Special Events

Below are some special events that do not have their own web page.  

Naturalists to Speak on Invasive Species at Burnet Library
How did we come to run down large hogs on our roads at night? Or come back from gardening with
welts from fire ants? And what should we do about it? Robin W. Doughty and Matt Warnock Turner,
authors of  Unnatural Texas? The Invasive Species Dilemma, will answer these and other questions
February 13th at the Herman Brown Free Library. The presentation is part of the library's free lecture
series, Coffee Talks.
Coffee Talks brings authors like Doughty and Warnock to the library in Burnet to speak on topics
related to their books. The talks take place the second Thursday of each month in the meeting room of
the library. The event starts at 1:30 PM with refreshments, followed at 2:00 PM by a presentation and
Unnatural Texas? written with co-author Matt Warnock Turner, is one of over ten books Doughty has
published on wildlife and its interaction with human culture. As a biogeographer, a teacher at the
University of Texas for forty years, Doughty has looked deeply into landscape and environmental
change, and how humans and animals have affected each other. Some of his books explore the
mockingbird and the purple martin, the armadillo, the eucalyptus, the feather trade, and efforts toward
the recovery of the whooping crane and the albatross. Unnatural Texas? continues that exploration as it
looks at how such invasives as the feral hog and the fire ant came to enter Texas and how Texans are
responding to them.
The naturalist Matt Warnock Turner brings a second perspective to the question of invasive species. A
past president of the Austin Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Austin and a star on the PBS
documentary “Wildflowers: Seeds of History,” Turner is concerned with the plants of our Texas
landscape. Turner is author of the book Remarkable Plants of Texas: Uncommon Accounts of Our
Common Natives and articles on natural history and native plants. Landscaping and farming— past and
very much ongoing—have created pressing problems in the plants we live among. 
The question of invasive species is a difficult one. Which importations do we label invasive? Harm and
benefit can mix in unforeseen ways in the situations of feral hogs, fire ants or salt cedar. Doughty and
Warnock profile controversial importations—feral hogs, for instance—tracing how the invasive came
to enter the Texas landscape and what we have tried to do about them. Eradication is not always
possible or desirable (as we see in the sparrow and the cat), so what do we do instead?
Doughty and Turner's presentation kicks off the second half of Coffee Talk season. Some of the
upcoming presentations include a mystery series, the photography of abandoned buildings in Texas,
and Texas story telling.
Coffee Talks is made possible by support from The Friends of the Library and the Coffee Talks
hostesses and volunteers. Coffee is provided by Michelle Devaney of Hey Diddle Diddle Catering.
The Herman Brown Free Library is Burnet’s public library, located downtown on the Square.
for further information, contact Sarah Webb, 512-755-3398

On select Saturdays:   T
he Upper Highland Lakes Nature Center is offering talks approximately every other Saturday at Numinous Coffee Roasters in Marble Falls. It is located on RM 1431 one block east of US 281 on the north side. 
These are not presentations but casual discussion tables for visitors to stop and get info and ask questions.  They will be there between 9 and noon so please drop by.  The dates for upcoming discussions 
are listed below.

March 7 - Trees
March 21 - Balcones Canyonlands Wildlife Refuge 

April 4 - Invasive Species

April 18 Geology

May 2 - Birds of Texas